What Residents Find at Stonegate Center

A Residential Treatment Center and a Caring Community

Stonegate Center is more than just a residential treatment center, we are a community.  During your stay at Stonegate Center, you will be among friends in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The accountability of our staff serves as a model for our residents. We help manage the community and seek to equip our residents with the tools necessary to build and maintain a healthy community. Our emphasis on building personal relationships allows us to provide individualized treatment to each of our residents.

In addition to this personal level of care, Stonegate Center offers:

•  A warm, welcoming environment

• Supportive and qualified counselors

• Important life skills lessons

• Interaction in large group, small group and one-on-one settings

• Physical fitness and outdoor activities

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction and looking for a quality residential treatment center, please contact our staff directly anytime by calling (817) 993-9733 or Contact Us!