Does an opioid addiction have you looking for help? Have you tried quitting on your own only to fail? Stonegate Center’s Christian treatment center specializes in helping San Marcos men like you find the support to break their addiction to opioids once and for all. Imagine a life free from feeling like your addiction is always in control. With our unique approach and track record of helping men build sober lives free from dependence you can get a second chance at life!

Why Faith Based Addiction Recovery Is Different

Stonegate Center’s treatment strategy uses a faith-based approach to recovery. In our experience the largest impact that opioids have on a man are the damage it does to the soul. We help men focus on rebuilding their relationship with God as we have found this is the key to lasting recovery and a renewed sense of self-worth, self-love and purpose.

In our faith based rehab we also help me focus on specific life skills that can help them continue their recovery once they leave us:

  • Laying the groundwork for a sustainable drug-free life – San Marcos men learn the skills they need to focus on a sober life. With a renewed relationship with God they are equipped with a source of Unlimited Power to sustain them when the challenges of life in the real world threaten to derail sobriety.
  • Creating lifelong freedom from opioids – Our success rate is far higher than traditional secular recovery programs (nearly 3 times the success rate).

The Terrible Cost Of Opioid Addiction

At our Christian treatment center we see the devastating effects that opioids can have on men’s lives. We’ve seen men who have lost families, jobs, their health and most importantly, their connection with God.

If the idea of beating your addiction seems hopeless don’t worry. It is possible to overcome opiate addiction with the help of our faith-based community of men who are all committed to helping one another break free from opioid dependence.

Admitting that you have lost any real control over your addiction is your first step. Next, finding a drug addiction treatment program that understands what San Marcos men like you who are facing opiate addiction are going through is critical.

At Stonegate Center we have the experience, the staff and the unique spiritual approach to help you make the changes necessary to rediscover a sober life free from addiction!

Get On The Path To Opiate Recovery

If you are a San Marcos man who is ready to slam the door on your opioid addiction once and for all Stonegate Center can help! Our counseling staff is available 24 hours a day. Contact us anytime by calling 817-993-9733. We are here to answer any of your questions and to help you decide if we are the key to unlocking you freedom from opioid dependency! Build the life you want and deserve starting now. Call us anytime at 817-993-9733!