What is The Stonegate Community?

Our residents come from many different walks of life and bring with them stories, experiences, and wounds from the past. The community at Stonegate is based on the idea that no matter what you’ve done or how bad you think you are, your sins are still covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Some residents walking through our doors are facing legal issues, divorce, and custody battles. Our goal as a staff is to approach them with respect, dignity, and urgency. We are passionate and appreciative to walk with our residents through the trials and tribulations that life presents.

We are dedicated to providing our residents with a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere that allows them to let down their emotional walls, so that real growth can occur. The idea of Stonegate is that our community comes first. Every decision that our residents make has an impact on the health of our community. We fully realize that our community is only as strong as our weakest member which is why we encourage everyone to participate in their own recovery fully.