If you are a San Marcos man who is losing battle with addiction and you are looking for a Fentanyl addiction treatment program your search is over! Stonegate Center’s residential opioid addiction program for men can help you beat your drug dependence once and for all. Leave your Fentanyl addiction in the past once and for all with our help!

Why Is Fentanyl Dependence So Dangerous?

Fentanyl is a powerful opiate that is similar to morphine in many ways. Its addictive power destroys the lives of countless users who lose control as a result as a result of its addictive potential.

For most men dealing with a Fentanyl addiction a drug rehab program is the best chance of successfully overcoming the power of this dangerous drug. Stonegate Center helps San Marcos men who are tired of the pain and heartache associated with dependence on Fentanyl get a second chance at life. We can support you as you work to build the happy, healthy sober life you have been dreaming of!

What Our Recovery Program For San Marcos Men Is Like

The Fentanyl addiction treatment program at Stonegate Center is unique when compared to traditional treatment approaches. We use a faith-based approach to helping men end their addictions. As a result our success rate is triple that of ordinary secular drug rehab and treatment programs!

You won’t find a sterile hospital-like environment at our residential campus in North Texas. The friendly casual environment we have created feels much like home. We have created a male only treatment program where you can feel safe working on yourself without the worry and stress that often comes with coed treatment facilities.

At Stonegate Center’s opioid recovery program for San Marcos men we offer the support and counseling to help our clients gain the skills they will need once they complete our 90-day program. During a man’s time with us we focus on establishing regular routines and better decision-making habits that support lasting sobriety.

We also focus on helping men renew their broken relationship with God. As a result, men are equipped with a renewed sense of hope, love and purpose that can sustain them for the rest of their life.

Addiction Recovery Is A Phone Call Away

Stonegate Center’s Fentanyl addiction treatment program for San Marcos men is here 24×7! Call us any time to ask questions, learn more about our faith-based recovery program and decide if we’re the answer to your search for a way out of addiction. We’ve helped thousands of men just like you rebuild their lives and take back control from drug dependency. Call us anytime to get started at 817-993-9733!