Life Skills for a Life in Recovery

We view addiction as a progressive illness, if not treated it only gets worse overtime. Much like someone with diabetes, addiction is a treatable illness but without treatment, the results can be devastating. Individuals often experience side effects of addiction that result in divorce, loss of parental rights, overdose, and even death. Not only do those suffering from addiction have to learn how to live the rest of their life in recovery, they also have to learn how to enjoy life again, without the use of substances.

One way to equip them in this process, is to teach them the essential life skills they will need, to rebuild their lives in the real world.  The residents will discover a holistic approach to self care and learn emotional, and relational skills such as: communication skills, conflict resolution, anger management, coping strategies, and stress management.

Residents will also learn practical everyday skills such as: time management, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and learning how to live on a budget. In addiction, it’s common to focus each day on using, and procuring more drugs. With recovery, we hope to equip our clients with the necessary skills to live a long life in recovery.

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