90 Days of Treatment

90 day programs have been shown to have the highest probability of success compared to other 30 inpatient treatment programs. 

Our program allows enough time for the resident to get comfortable with the idea that he will now be living sober for the remainder of his life. Research argues that it typically takes two years to “get over” an addiction and we are well aware that the first 90 days of treatment serve as a triage unit that examines and treats the immediate need.

Our culture at Stonegate is infectious and our residents feel at home almost immediately. They are asked to bare their soul at times and to trust other residents with their pain. Freedom from addiction often starts with addressing repressed pain and emotional wounds from the past. The resident will experience small process group daily Monday through Friday, in addition to large process groups on Mondays and Fridays. This schedule allows our residents to learn how to trust one another and to speak into each other’s lives without fear of repercussion or judgement.

With 90 days of treatment, we have an ample amount of time to explore and treat the root issues that enable addiction. The clinical team addresses the spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs of our residents. The last 30 days of treatment is spent addressing the resident’s post-treatment needs including: sober living, career needs, and locating a regular AA or CA meeting that they are encouraged to attend regularly after leaving Stonegate.