Relationships Are a Critical Factor in Recovery

Real change occurs within the context of a relationship with God and others. We place a great deal of emphasis on community at Stonegate Center. The goal is to point the resident toward a dependence on God and to exemplify the need for a healthy community. Residents in our community influence and support one another on their journey to recovery by challenging one another to higher spiritual standards.

Stonegate Center stresses the importance of sharing an unedited testimony with others, as a means of carrying the message to other addicts. Our staff is here to help those willing to help themselves get better. Helping the family system as a whole is something we specialize in. We know that without systemic family change, the addict and family members will resume their old roles within the system. We strive to give the residents and family members the tools and proper coping mechanisms they will need to move into healthier relationships with one another.