Welcome to Stonegate Center

Stonegate Center is a Christ-centered, 90 day, inpatient program designed to treat men entangled in the physical, mental, social, and spiritual bonds of chemical dependency. As residents arrive at, we approach them with humility and acceptance. We offer a structured and therapeutic environment in which the cycles of addiction, and abuse are broken, and replaced with essential skills for life. 

We appreciate being entrusted with the care of our residents, and strive to maintain weekly communication with the families. To address the family’s needs, we offer family group on Tuesday nights from 7-8 PM, as well as family weekend on the first full weekend of the month. The Friday is spent going though a typical day of treatment with your loved one, so that you can gain a full appreciation for what our residents experience. Saturday is spent working closely with the families, and residents to dig deeper into clinical issues, and to receive any feedback that the family members have about our program.