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Sober Living in Fort Worth, TX

Recovery is a lifelong journey, and inpatient rehabilitation treatment is just the first step. Some people may decide they need extra support for the journey to make that path easier to travel. That’s when a sober living facility may be helpful, such as Trevor’s House.


Trevor’s House offers men safe and supportive sober living in Texas, nurturing residents with aftercare programs aimed to strengthen men and help guard against relapse. We help them build healthy life skills in a comfortable environment focused on faith, community, structure, and accountability. Contact us to learn more about our halfway house in Fort Worth, TX.



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What is a Sober Living Home in Fort Worth?

Sober living facilities, or halfway houses, are part of the continuum of care for addiction rehabilitation. They are a bridge between an inpatient program and life back at home. The main characteristics of a sober living house include:

  • The home serves a small group of residents.
  • The residence is free from drugs and alcohol. 
  • Residents are supervised to ensure they follow the rules of the sober living house. (i.e. completing chores, following curfew and visitor policies, and submitting to drug or alcohol testing.)
  • Residents develop a sense of community, as they learn tools and coping strategies together to support each other in achieving the shared goal of sobriety.
  • Halfway houses offer the necessary structure and stability some people need before returning to their everyday lives. This helps solidify the routines and foundation they established during rehab to reinforce their commitment to recovery.

Call us at (817) 440-7145 to learn more about our sober living house in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Fort Worth, TX Sober Living Programs

Stonegate Center offers reliable, trustworthy sober living in Fort Worth. Trevor’s House allows residents to live independently while they build skills that benefit their recovery. It’s an ideal next step for men who want to continue a concentrated focus on their recovery after completing our addiction treatment programs in Texas.

At Trevor’s House, residents can access a wealth of resources, plus a support network that encourages participation in 12-step programs and individual therapy. They’ll set the goals they need to thrive once their stay at Trevor’s House ends, and they’ll learn strategies to prevent relapse.

All applicants to our halfway house in Fort Worth must have achieved sobriety for an extended period of time for program approval. The standards for applicant sobriety include:

  • 30 days and a reference from the attending counselor.
  • 30 days and a reference from the applicant’s sponsor.
  • A completed stay at an inpatient rehab or detox facility.
  • Participation in an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).
  • Participation in a 12-step treatment program.

Get Help with Trevor’s House Sober Living

Stonegate Center is known for compassionate, faith-based care at our sober living house in Texas. Our Counselors can answer your questions about Trevor’s House, our medical detox program in Fort Worth, TX, or any of our other services. Call us 24/7 at (817) 440-7145 to learn more and verify your insurance benefits for rehab.

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