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Inpatient Drug Rehab Treatment in Texas

There are almost 16,000 substance abuse treatment facilities in America. That means you have a wide variety of options, from government-run outpatient programs to inpatient care at a hospital. But a residential substance abuse treatment facility is uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive, personalized care that prepares you for a successful life in recovery.

Stonegate Center is one of the best inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers in Texas. We offer clients whole-person treatment tailored to their specific circumstances. It takes place on our 125-acre ranch in Azle, which is a safe and healing environment where you get the education and tools you need to break free from substance abuse. Contact us to learn more about high-quality, individualized addiction treatment in Texas.

What Is an Inpatient Drug Rehab Program?

Unlike outpatient programs where participants can live at home during treatment, drug rehab inpatient facilities require residential stays, often over an extended period. These types of residential drug rehab facilities are staffed with addiction treatment professionals with expertise in everything from medical detox programs to cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Inpatient drug rehab creates an environment where clients are closely supervised with 24-hour care. This type of treatment may be especially helpful for people with severe addictions who need long-term care or those who have relapsed and want to regain their sobriety.

Participants in inpatient drug rehab should be prepared to leave their familiar, comfortable surroundings and focus on treatment without the distractions of their everyday life. Clients must take a leave of absence from work and have someone else cover their family obligations. In addition, a residential drug rehab facility will have specific policies concerning family and friend visitation. 

Contact us to learn more about Stonegate Center’s Christian residential drug rehab programs.

What To Expect At An Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

Residential treatment centers feature many of the same program components, though they may differ when it comes to the details. In general, you can find these features at drug and alcohol residential treatment centers.

  • A Predetermined length of stay

Many residential centers ask clients to stay for a set amount of time, offering programs that last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Often, clients must commit to a minimum stay, typically around 30 days. How long you stay at a facility depends on your specific needs and the extent of your substance abuse.

  • Limited personal items

Nothing should distract you from your recovery. That’s why certain items, such as electronic devices, aren’t allowed at residential rehab centers. An admissions counselor should provide a packing checklist to make it simple for you.

  • Structure

There’s quite a bit of work to do when you explore the issues underlying your addiction. That’s why residential drug and alcohol treatment facilities organize a detailed schedule for your stay. Expect a day of healthy meals, meetings, counseling, activities, free time, and more.

  • Goal setting

Your overarching goal, of course, is to find freedom from drug or alcohol addiction. But the road to recovery is marked with your other kinds of personal goals. This can be anything from resuming your college studies to developing a meditation practice. Residential rehab counselors can help you set goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.

Residential substance abuse treatment features two major components: addiction therapy and around-the-clock care. These two elements, customized to each client, can help set the stage for long-term sobriety.


How Do I Choose The Right Inpatient Drug Rehab Near Me?

There are many variables to take into account when selecting a drug rehab inpatient facility. For example, you want to choose a place where you feel comfortable and trust that you’ll be in good hands for the length of your stay. The program should also align with your personal needs and values.

Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when choosing your inpatient drug rehab program:

  • Treatment plans

Find a residential drug rehab that personalizes addiction treatment programs based on each client’s specific circumstances. These programs should also offer a broad range of therapies, such as peer support groups, family workshops, and addiction education. Finally, make sure a prospective program offers mental health care if you have a co-occurring disorder such as depression or anxiety.

  • Housing

Comfortable surroundings are essential during recovery. Find an environment that puts you at ease, whether it’s a more rustic and rural dormitory arrangement or an executive-level facility with private rooms. Ask about the policies for room sharing, common spaces, meal service, and laundry.

  • Amenities

Most drug rehab inpatient programs include amenities to help clients relax and learn how to create healthy habits they can use moving forward in sobriety. These can include pools, fitness rooms, sports activities, game rooms, and more. At Stonegate Center, we offer rock climbing and equine therapy in addition to a fitness and yoga studio.

  • Aftercare programs

Inpatient rehab programs often provide supportive care services to ease the transition back to normal life. These can include alumni meetings in your city or sober living homes.

  • Values

What is the approach to addiction treatment? Does the program take a whole-person approach to care? Is it a faith-based facility such as a Christian residential drug rehab? Is it a single-sex treatment center? It’s important to understand these operating principles.

  • Credentials

Ask the residential center about their professional licensing and credentials to ensure top-of-the-line treatment. Our team includes certified therapists who are experts in cognitive behavioral therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

  • Payment

The admissions team at a qualified inpatient drug rehab can outline all your payment options, as well as what your insurance benefits will cover. Some facilities may have suggestions for financing treatment if you don’t have insurance or the financial means to pay.

Addiction Therapy At Our Inpatient Rehab 

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment explore the triggers and issues involved in substance abuse, which are different for each client. The best way to examine these underlying concerns is through therapy. There are different types of therapy you may participate in during your stay at a drug or alcohol residential treatment center:

  • One-on-one counseling

These individual sessions with a therapist usually involve some kind of “talk therapy,” such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. These sessions can educate, identify destructive thought patterns, and introduce coping strategies.

  • Family/couples therapy

Family members and loved ones can play a role in healing and better understand how their interpersonal dynamics (i.e., rescuing or enabling) may influence the addictive behavior. A counselor uses these sessions to highlight these issues, promote healthier relationships, and educate family members on how they can offer support in recovery.

  • Small group sessions

Residential clients build community with other people working towards the same goal of recovery. Together, clients can discuss broad issues, share their particular struggles, and learn skills for navigating the early stages of recovery.

  • Around-the-Clock Care

The most effective residential rehab centers have an experienced team of medical professionals. They’re available for 24/7 care, including:

  • Medical detoxification

One of the first things you’ll do at a residential facility is to undergo medical testing. This determines the type of detox you’ll undergo before launching into your recovery program.

  • Withdrawal care

Withdrawal symptoms are often grueling, with a significant physical toll. Medical supervision, at all hours, is crucial for getting through this difficult stage.

  • Medication management

A client may start a medication regimen during rehab, whether to ease the withdrawal from drugs or alcohol or treat a co-occurring mental health issue such as depression. Experienced medical professionals can monitor how the medication is working and readjust the dosage if needed.

Compassionate, Effective Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Stoneside Center is known as one of the best inpatient drug rehab centers in Texas for the quality of our programs and the services and amenities we offer:

  • Christian-based rehab treatment combined with evidence-based therapies to heal the mind, body, and soul.
  • A continuum of addiction treatment from medical detox to after care.
  • A dedicated medical team that includes a physician and nurse practitioner who oversee detox and medication management.
  • Compassionate, personalized treatment plans.
  • Comfortable, gender-separate residential buildings with semi-private bedrooms.
  • A safe, secluded location outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  • Nutrition and wellness programs for a holistic approach to health and healing
  • Individual counseling and a Family Integration Program.
  • Twelve-step support groups to provide fellowship and accountability.
  • Activities such as meditation, swimming, and equine therapy.


Contact Us To Get Help Today

We want you to feel at home during your stay at Stonegate Center. Our admissions team makes you feel like part of the family, from your initial call to your arrival at our ranch. We’re available 24/7 to answer all your questions, or you can reach out to us online. When you call us at (817) 993-9733, we’ll also help verify insurance coverage for you, so you can get the help you need.

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Treatment Programs at Stonegate Center:

Stonegate Center - Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Faith-Based Treatment

Faith-Based Treatment Program

Stonegate Center - Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Gender-Specific Treatment

Gender-Separate Treatment Program

Stonegate Center - Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehab - 12-Step Treatment Program

12-Step Treatment Program

Stonegate Center - Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Stonegate Center - Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Individual Therapy

Nutrition Program

Stonegate Center - Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Fitness Program

90-Day Comprehensive Program

Stonegate Center - Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Continuing Care

45-Day Core Program

Stonegate Center - Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Ongoing Recovery Support

Equine Therapy

Stonegate Center - Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Fitness Program

Wellness Program

Stonegate Center - Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Continuing Care

Continuing Care

Stonegate Center - Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Ongoing Recovery Support

Ongoing Recovery Support

Stonegate Center - Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Fitness Program

Medical Detox

Drug Addiction Recovery, Texas Style

If you or a loved one needs help with drug addiction or substance abuse and are interested in discussing treatment options, including inpatient treatment, call (817) 993-9733 or contact us.

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Stonegate Center's Fort Worth, TX rehab facility is located in a quiet, safe, and spacious 125-acre ranch in Fort Worth, Texas. We proudly service the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Oklahoma areas, and we can accommodate patients from coast to coast, as well. We accept all clients and insurances. To learn if your insurance covers drug addiction treatment services, visit our online verification page.

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