Gender-Specific Treatment for Substance Abuse

Addressing Gender-Specific Challenges for Men & Women Addicted to Alcohol & Substances in Texas

At Stonegate Center, we recognize the value inherent in each individual client, which is why we design individualized treatment plans to meet their specific needs. To do that, we offer our effective addiction treatment programs in gender-specific rehab facilities.

We recognize the important distinctions between men and women at our faith-based addiction treatment center. Each gender has equal worth, as well as certain unique characteristics that need to be taken into account to provide meaningful change and healing. That’s why we have separate facilities for men and women at our Azle, Texas ranch to create a safe and healthy environment that promotes recovery. Call us at (817) 497-8367  or contact us today to learn more.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment for Substance Abuse

There are many positive aspects of providing addiction treatment services in gender-separate facilities:

  • There are fewer distractions involved when members of the opposite sex aren’t co-mingling during treatment. This helps participants keep a sharp focus on their recovery.
  • Relationships between newly sober people aren’t advised in the early stages of recovery. Gender-specific rehab and Gender-separate facilities avoid this barrier to treatment.
  • Men and women can establish community with people who have similar experiences when it comes to addiction, fostering greater accountability and fellowship.
  • Gender-based programs create safe spaces to discuss issues related to addiction that are different for men and women.

How Addiction Affects Men and Women Differently

We know that gender influences how men and women are affected differently by many types of health issues, such as heart disease, migraines, and certain types of cancers. The same is true for substance use disorder. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has researched some of the key differences, including:

  • Men are more likely to use illegal drugs and become dependent on them, compared to women. However, women tend to develop a dependence on substances more quickly than men.
  • Women have a higher risk of relapse and withdrawal cravings for drugs and alcohol.
  • Certain substances affect women differently: Women, for instance, can be more sensitive to stimulants, while men generally take longer to get drunk on alcohol.
  • Men and women can face different barriers to treatment. For example, a common concern for women is finding child care while they are in a rehab program.
  • For women, substance abuse is often linked to trauma experienced when they were younger.
  • Men and women are also affected differently by mental health conditions, which means gender-specific rehab is helpful for clients with co-occurring disorders such as anxiety or depression.

Stonegate Center Provides Safe & Healthy Gender-Separate Environments for Recovery

Men and women alike typically struggle with relational issues as being a significant part of their addiction. It is a challenge address these comodulating issues as is, and less likely to address such issues in gender-mixed environments. Included in the cause for gender-separate centers, is the obvious potential for sexual tension to occur. This is a major distraction and barrier to treatment. In our belief that the solution to addiction lies within spiritual health, healthy sexual behavior happens as a result of healthy spiritual position.

When a person, man or woman, tries to combine recovery with relationship, one or both will suffer. When one of the two fails, it is typically sobriety, not the relationship. The relationship grows into significant toxicity. Sexual abstinence is proven to be beneficial in early stages of recovery. It is an unnecessary challenge and distraction to tempt and/or allow treatment clients in this way.

Find High-Quality, Gender-Specific Rehab at Stonegate Center

You’ve come to the right place if you want freedom from addiction, whether you are a man or a woman. Stonegate Center specializes in nurturing, judgment-free addiction rehabilitation. You’ll find a comprehensive continuum of care, including medical detox in Fort Worth, TX, residential treatment, and after-care programs. We can help you, whether you’re looking for rehab for men in Texas or women’s-only rehab in Texas.

Don’t wait to take the first step towards a new life. Our team can answer all of your questions about gender-specific treatment for substance abuse and even verify insurance coverage for benefits. Contact us today!


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