Gender-Separate Program for Addiction Treatment

Faith-Based Drug Recovery Addresses a Recovering Addict's Medical and Spiritual Needs

As a faith-based addiction treatment center, Stonegate Center, located in  Azle, Texas, acknowledges scripture in the therapeutic philosophy and doctrine of our services. It is important for us to recognize the value of every person who seeks treatment at Stongate Center. In so doing, we must acknowledge their unique value as a woman or as a man. Scripture teaches us that although men and women have equal worth and value they also have distinct and complementary traits and characteristics. In the throws of addiction and recovery, these complementary traits and characteristics become more of distraction and barrier in the healing process. More often than not, men will typically process their thoughts and feelings very differently than how women will. Meaning, men typically struggle to identify feelings associated with their experiences. Women, on the other hand are often extremely sensitive to their emotional status related to their experiences.

Separate Facilities for Men & Women

Often the attitudes of men toward women are not healthy, and the same should be said for women toward men. Many women and men who come into treatment have suffered abuse in different ways (emotional, sexual, physical and spiritual, etc..), often at the hands of a person of the opposite sex, so they require a safe place to process as they heal. This process is very different for each gender. Therefore, it is not advantageous, but in our spiritual and therapeutic opinion, it is detrimental to combine the two genders in treatment. Men and women alike typically struggle with relational issues as being a significant part of their addiction. It is a challenge address this comodulating issues as is, and less likely to address such issues in gender mixed environments. 

Safe & Healthy Environments

Men and women alike typically struggle with relational issues as being a significant part of their addiction. It is a challenge address this comodulating issues as is, and less likely to address such issues in gender mixed environments. Included in the cause for gender separate centers, is the obvious potential for sexual tension to occur. This is a major distraction and barrier to treatment. In our belief that the solution to addiction lies within spiritual health, healthy sexual behavior happens as a result of healthy spiritual position. When a person, man or woman, tries to combine recovery with relationship, one or both will suffer. When one of the two fails, it is typically sobriety, not the relationship. The relationship grows into significant toxicity. Sexual abstinence is proven to be beneficial in early stages of recovery. It is an unnecessary challenge and distraction to tempt and/or allow treatment clients in this way. 

Due to the nature and need to express extreme vulnerability in treatment, it is simply not a healthy practice for men and women to receive treatment in the same facility, in the same program under the same roof.   The style, technique and nature of how men and women process through their struggle of addiction, require that they each have a safe and healthy environment that only a gender-separate treatment center can provide.

Stonegate Center is proud to have achieved JCAHO Accreditation Gold Seal of Approval, a mark of excellence and symbolizes our continued compliance to The Joint Commission’s high standards, reassuring our clients and their loved one and friends, who choose treatment with us, that they will receive the highest level of addiction treatment and care.  Stonegate center is also a proud member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the Azle Chamber of Commerce. At Stonegate Center, you’ll find a safe, modern, welcoming environment where you can focus on healing from addiction and starting your new life in recovery. We are located on a 125-acre ranch in the town of Azle, about 25 minutes from Fort Worth and an hour from Dallas. Our location is far enough away from the hustle and bustle but still close to home.

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Stonegate Center’s drug and alcohol addiction rehab facilities are located in a safe, quiet and sprawling 125-acre ranch in Azle, Texas. We proudly service the Dallas, Fort Worth and Oklahoma areas, but our reach also extends out from coast to coast. We accept all clients and insurances.

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