Individual Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Learn About Yourself Throughout Your Recovery Journey

In order to provide our clients with highly-individualized care plans, Stonegate Center in Azle, Texas, offers an array of therapeutic services. These therapies include individual therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, equine therapy, recreational therapy, and much more. Each therapy has a specific role in treating the underlying behaviors associated with addiction. However, the overall purpose is the same: to create positive behavioral change. At Stonegate Center, we blend a variety of these therapies to promote long-lasting recovery. So, throw your old-fashioned, cookie-cutter approach to treatment in the trash! We understand that every person is unique – each shaped by their own traumas, experiences, and beliefs. Therefore, as soon as you step foot on our campus, our masters-level clinicians are preparing your personalized care plan. The most effective way to tailor your treatment is through Individual Therapy.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy consists of one-on-one counseling in a private, judgement-free setting. The purpose of this therapeutic model is to help our clients gain insight into the disease of addiction. At Stonegate Center, individual therapy sessions are led by our masters-level clinicians, each of whom are licensed by the state to practice their respective therapies. Individual therapy sessions are client-driven, meaning that topics often center around what the client is currently feeling or experiencing during that time. This allows our therapists to offer vital insights in real-time. Although topics vary, most touch on the following 

  • Past experiences and traumas
  • History of alcohol and drug use
  • Maladaptive or destructive behavioral patterns
  • Current living environment
  • Marriage and family relationships
  • The development of coping skills
  • Cravings or withdrawal symptoms
  • Future treatment goals

How Long Does Individual Therapy Last?

A typical individual therapy session usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour and typically occurs in a therapist’s office. However, our clients are encouraged to meet with their individual therapist wherever they feel most comfortable. We’ve seen sessions occur over a game of pool, outside on one of our spacious gazebos, or while walking one of our hiking trails. Our sprawling campus provides you with a wide range of therapeutic settings with which to take advantage of. So, be creative! This is your recovery after all. The frequency of sessions also depends on the client’s need or medical acuity. Although, most occur at least one time per week, some clients need more individualized care due to the severity of past traumas (e.g. sexual or verbal abuse).

Advantages of Individual Therapy

Personalized Care- Clients participating in individual therapy receive the full attention of their primary therapist. This allows the therapist to ask personal questions and get to know the client on a more intimate level. This one-on-one attention is imperative in developing a thorough understanding of the underlying issues. By doing so, our clinicians are better able to tailor their treatment approach and improve the efficacy of their highly-individualized care plan.

Confidentiality- Unfortunately, most clients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction have a difficult time opening up – a characteristic often stemming from unearthed trauma. The private setting of individual therapy allows our clinicians to build rapport and trust with their clients. By establishing a safe space in which to express your innermost thoughts, clients are more willing to talk honestly about their situation. Due to the sensitive nature of these meetings, our client’s confidentiality is strictly maintained.

Self-Awareness- The level of care individual therapy provides our clients is much more intense and comprehensive than in other modalities. In these sessions, our clinicians walk each client through their behavioral patterns in hopes of promoting self-awareness. This strategy forces our clients to think about their maladaptive behaviors and the impact they have on their wellbeing.

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If you or a loved one is battling with substance abuse addiction, Stonegate Center is here to help. With four facilities in the Fort Worth, TX area, we're available to help those in surrounding communities reach a full recovery from addiction. Learn more about proper nutrition for recovery and our addiction treatment programs, which range from medical detox to continuing care. Contact us today for more information, or visit our insurance verification page to verify your insurance coverage for rehab treatment. 


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