Addiction is extremely tough to overcome. It requires medically supervised detox, intensive therapy, and consistency to an after-care program like sober living. But one of the biggest misconceptions I see that prevents clients from fully embracing recovery is this fear that recovery is “lame and boring.”

Clients often wonder what life is like outside of treatment and have a hard time envisioning life without alcohol or drugs. And with beer commercials plastered everywhere on TV, I have to sympathize with them.

But there’s a difference between being abstinent and sober. Abstinence is remaining free from drugs and alcohol; whereas, sobriety is living a full, vivacious, and healthy life free from the negative effects of substances like marijuana, alcohol, or opiates. They’re two radically different concepts, and we always encourage the latter.

Let’s be honest, there is nothing fun about being a slave to a pill or a drink.

Many years being stuck in a pattern of using, continuous maladaptive behaviors, and hurting family and friends is not fun. Although you might think you were having fun drinking and shooting up, your life and feelings of emptiness said otherwise.

And that’s one of the most important things we try to get through to our clients at Stonegate Center and Trevor’s House. Having fun in recovery is VERY important, and if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

It might be difficult at first doing things sober, but it encourages new, positive experiences and changes your perspective on life. Effective recovery provides you an opportunity to create bonds and friendships that are focused on the same incredible goal and making sure you’re having fun doing it.

So, if you’re in the Oklahoma City area and want a list of things to do now that you’re sober, sit down and get ready to create some memories! Below are ten fun and exciting things you and your recovery friends and families can do in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Stonegate Center Blog - Top 10 Sober Things to Do in Oklahoma City - Chesapeake Energy Arena

1. Oklahoma City Thunder

If you’re looking for an amazing experience you have to go to an OKC Thunder game. It’s Oklahoma’s only basketball team, and they are pretty stinking good. The quality of basketball you’ll be getting to watch live is top-notch.

And don’t think Kevin Durant’s departure makes them any less fun to watch. The fans still show up early, pack the stands, and cheer on our team like crazy.

That means we aren’t afraid to wear our blue jerseys and boo loudly when KD comes back in town (P.S. if you have tickets to that game, let me know! I’ll be your plus 1 in a heartbeat).

Now, alcohol is served so please be cognizant of this, but the arena is extremely family-friendly so I feel comfortable recommending it for my friends in recovery.

Also, there’s no need to break the bank to have a good time. So, what I recommend doing is getting the family together, grabbing some cheap nosebleed seats, and making a night out of it.

Win or lose, this is a must.


Stonegate Center Blog - Top 10 Sober Things to Do in Oklahoma - Boat House District

2. Boat House District

Take a minute to think about being on the water enjoying a day of peace on a longboard. Or if you’re the type who likes the heart-racing experience of a free fall, you’ve got to try the huge obstacle course and zip line.

The Boat House District in OKC can provide that plus more. It’s not only where the USA Rowing team practices, it’s also home to longboarding, obstacle courses, kayaking, running, and water rafting.

On top of this, you must go to “Movie on the water.” I suggest going to the Jaws showing. It was an experience like no other watching it in a raft on the water!

The Boat House District is sure to provide you a day of adventure, peace, and excitement. Grab your buddies in recovery and enjoy. Check out the marina – it offers day passes for unlimited access to all amenities or visit their website for more information.


Stonegate Center Blog - Top 10 Sober Things to Do in Oklahoma City - Myriad Botanical Gardens

3. Myriad Botanical Gardens

Spring is the perfect time to go to the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Beautiful weather and everything is blooming. Take your allergy medication and get ready to experience a beautiful day. Not only is it beautiful, the dome is also climate controlled so when you walk in you get to experience different climates.

It is stunning!

You’ll find the gardens between the Devon Tower and Chesapeake Energy Arena in downtown Oklahoma City. Visiting the outdoor grounds is free, but entrance to the conservatory costs $8 for adults and $5 for children between the ages of 4 and 12.

This is the perfect spot for family pictures, weddings, or to grab lunch at a food truck –especially when the weather is nice!

Not to mention, there are many stunning opportunities to snap some beautiful pictures for Instagram as you stroll through the bloom gardens!


Stonegate Center Blog - Top 10 Sober Things to Do in Oklahoma - Frontier City

4. Six Flags – Frontier City

For all you adrenalin junkies out there, this is the place for you. You must try the Geronimo Skycoaster. A combination of skydiving and bungie jumping, this will leave you feeling ALIVE.

The anticipation as you are carried up to a 100-foot drop while overlooking the rest of the park is an experience you will NOT forget. If you are afraid of heights, it’s time to conquer that fear! Grab two of your friend and don’t leave until you try this.

Between the roller coasters, the attached water park, and all the other rides – Frontier City will be a sure bet!

If you get there right when they open, you will have no problem being in the front of the line for the scariest rides out there. If you are a late riser, that’s okay too. There will be plenty of time for you as they are open most days until 8pm.

Ticket prices range so be sure to check out the link below for more information,


Stonegate Center Blog - Top 10 Sober Things to Do in Oklahoma - Heffner Lake

5. Lake Hefner

Forget about those short running trails. Lake Hefner is here to challenge just how far you can walk, run, bike, or my personal favorite – rollerblade.

It’s okay if you’re not up to complete the 17-mile loop! There are many parks around as well as a fitness park. Also, one of the more fun things to do is to watch the sailboat races. These are actually quite interesting to watch so it’s definitely something you should do with your family or buddies in recovery.

Pack a lunch and have a beautiful day at the lake or enjoy one of the restaurant’s waterfronts. The Hefner Grill is one of my favorites. You must try the tuna salad! It’s delightful. Take a time out and enjoy a day at Lake Hefner!


Stonegate Center Blog - Top 10 Sober Things to Do in Oklahoma - Scissor Tail Park

6. Scissor Tail Park

This is one of OKC’s newest attractions, and one of the more exciting things to do on the weekends.

Have a dog? My furry friends love meeting new furry friends at the dog park. They also enjoy walking around and experiencing all the things to do here at this park (don’t forget those leashes!).

If you’re a yogi, you must try the yoga in the park. This is so peaceful; you will forget all your problems and where you are.

And don’t forget to try the paddle boats! Rentals are $14 and a fun experience with your friends and family as they hold up to 4 people.

Take some time out of your weekend to eat some awesome food, hang out with your pups, or enjoy some peace and quiet. This will make Recovery fun. So, grab a couple of friends and get to Scissor Tail Park as soon as possible.


Stonegate Center Blog - Top 10 Sober Things to Do in Oklahoma City - Oklahoma Memorial and Museum

7. OKC Memorial and Museum

Take time out of your day to visit this OKC memorial and museum. You would not think this memorial would provide peace but rather pain and sorrow. I’ve been many times and will tell you I feel so much peace when I see the infinity pond and the survivor tree.

You must walk through and see the iconic chairs built in memory of those who lost their lives in this terrible attack. If you haven’t walked through the museum, you are missing out. Walking through the newsroom will take you back to that day by reviewing media coverage from that day.

If you’re the type that likes to look through evidence, check out the evidence room. Don’t forget to check out the gift room on your way out.

Cost for admission is $18 and all proceeds go right back to the museum and memorial for growth and up-keep! I promise, this is a place you will want to revisit. If its by yourself to find a quite place to think, or to sit and talk to your sponsor, you will be back.

Stonegate Center Blog - Top 10 Sober Things to Do in Oklahoma - Running Group

8. Fox Running Group

Want to build up endurance to run that famous OKC memorial marathon but need a little support? Join the Fox Running Group.

There is something about a community of people all working towards a single goal pushing you to do your best that’s something you have to try. I know running may not be your forte and that’s okay. They have beginner, intermediate, and pro groups.

The runs are a fun way to experience the city while running downtown and through many hip and upcoming districts. The Fox running club is here to push you to your limits.

After every community run, many of us enjoy breakfast at Sunny Side Diner. It’s a great way to meet new people and to work towards accomplishing that 5k, half marathon or full marathon running goal.


Stonegate Center Blog - Top 10 Sober Things to Do in Oklahoma - OKC Zoo

9. OKC Zoo

Lions, tigers, and bears oh my…

Take a moment to step into the wild where you can feed a giraffe. Check out the OKC Zoo. The elephant pavilion is beautiful. Before you leave, you must watch the sea lion show. This was filled with laughs and some fun splashes of water.

Hungry? There are 3 fun restaurants for your dinning pleasure. One of which sits you in a place with amazing views of the zoo. For those of you who like the creepy crawlers, don’t worry, there is a herbarium there for you.

Have kids? Check out the fun petting zoo. Let’s be honest, check out the petting zoo even if you don’t have kids. It’s not every day you get to pet barn animals. At $45 for the day, it will be worth your time.

Grab your walking shoes, some water, and enjoy your day with family or your friends of Bill W.


Stonegate Center Blog - Top 10 Sober Things to Do in Oklahoma - Softball Hall of Fame

10. National Softball Hall of Fame

If you like attending the college world series in Omaha, you’ve got to go to the College World Series for Softball in OKC at the National Hall of Fame. You will love the atmosphere. It’s special to watch softball being played at its best all the while munching on some stadium nachos.

And, don’t forget to take a minute to check out the museum. You will be able to learn all about softball, slow and fast pitch, plus learn about some of the best players we have ever seen. There are even Team USA tryouts on this field.

Just think, you have an opportunity to set foot on a field where Olympians have played! Don’t forget to go and get you an awesome Team USA shirt at the gift shop before you leave and get ready to support Team USA.


Let’s Have Some Fun!

Like I said, get ready to create some positive, fun, and sober memories.

By engaging in sober fun and activities, you are reprograming your brain and restoring balance. Laugher brings a feeling of freedom. Fun is the freedom from pain and chains of addiction. Embrace this change, keep life simple, don’t forget to laugh and HAVE FUN.

Oh, and don’t forget to take pictures!

If you or a loved one is struggling from chemical dependency or if you recently relapsed, don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or my team so we can get you back on track. Our Admissions Specialists have years of sobriety under their belt and are well-equipped at answering all your questions about substance abuse, long-term recovery, or inpatient vs. outpatient options.

To get ahold of my team, give them a call at (817) 993-9733 or shoot them an email at We are in-network with PHCS Multiplan and HealthChoice of Oklahoma, and we have an extensive alumni network in Oklahoma. So, don’t be hesitant to travel outside of OKC to Fort Worth, Texas for treatment because it’s well worth the drive.

Lastly, if you have any photos you’d like to share or any fun, sober activities you’d like me to add to the list, email me at, and I’d be happy to update the blog!

Stay safe, but more importantly, stay sober.


(Photos by Kensie Lyon)

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