At Stonegate Center, our team of dedicated and fully licensed counselors offer a Christ-centered approach to treating addiction. We have worked hard to create a safe and welcoming environment where our residents can receive spiritual freedom from addiction. Stonegate stresses community, accountability, and fostering a personal relationship with God. Regardless of the severity or cause of addiction, we are equipped and willing to help cultivate growth by addressing the core issues of the heart such as: shame, fear, anger, guilt, and loneliness. The residents who walk through our door have a heart problem and a drug solution. This truth allows us to penetrate the issues of the heart by challenging faulty thinking and old behaviors that perpetuate addiction.


At Stonegate Center, we believe that a personal relationship with God is a major component to recovery. Without a spirit of open-mindedness, residents typically have limited success at maintaining recovery after Stonegate. Often times, this limited success is a direct result of addicts holding onto their perceived personal control and power that they believe they have over their addiction. Close-mindedness limits them from experiencing peace, joy, and other fruits of the spirit. Although we work together as a staff to empower our residents to make healthy choices, we also recognize that they are powerless to overcome their addiction on their own without God. We don’t force Christianity on anyone, but it is an integral part of our 90 day program.