Family Integration Program for Addiction Treatment

Helping Family Members Learn How to Support Their Loved Ones Struggling with Addiction

The family integration program at Stonegate Center, located in  Azle, Texas, offers a unique opportunity for clients and their family members to grow in a better understanding of themselves and how they function within the family system.  Our clinical team is dedicated to the belief that the disease of alcoholism is a family disease rather than an individual one. The family system did not cause the disease of alcoholism nor can they cure or control it.  However, family members can contribute to the disease of alcoholism either passively or actively by engaging in problem maintaining behaviors. In order to effect positive change within the family system, Stonegate Center offers our clients enrollment in our two-part intensive program.  This program has been developed and honed for years in order to best educate families and their loved ones about what the treatment process actually looks like.

Family Workshop

The family workshop is designed to bring conscious awareness to unhealthy behavior patterns within the family system. The Disrupt Method allows our clinicians the opportunity to call out problem maintaining behaviors such as: enabling, rescuing, coaching, and speaking for others.  We find that these subconscious behaviors often go unnoticed, and only continue to compound the problem of alcoholism within the family system.  The clinicians are tasked with the job of bringing conscious awareness to subconscious behaviors.  Once conscious awareness has been attained, the clinician will direct the client or family member to identify with a feeling from the Feelings Board. 

Feelings Board

The Feelings Board includes the words: Pain, Shame, Fear, Guilt, Anger, Loneliness, and Joy.  To the right of each word is a spiritual gift that the individual receives when they process the feeling in a healthy way.  In most cases, our clients numb their emotional experience for years during their struggles use of drugs or alcohol.  Family members often redirect their own emotional experiences of fear and loneliness through measures of control.  At Stonegate Center, our fine-tuned family intensive causes loved ones to empathize with the struggles that each family member undergoes during divisive times brought on through addiction.  Under the supervision of our certified clinicians, each family unit is able to experience and express emotions in a safe, constructive place. 

Social support from a healthy family system is one of the most influential factors leading to long-term recovery.  As our clients gain a better understanding of the necessary coping skills needed to achieve long-term sobriety, we also encourage the family members to participate regularly in Al-Anon.  We understand that our efforts as clinicians don’t end during your 90-day stay on our campus. And, that true healing happens in the rooms of Al-Anon or other support groups. To find local Al-Anon meetings your area please visit: contact your assigned therapist.

Stonegate Center is proud to have achieved JCAHO Accreditation Gold Seal of Approval, a mark of excellence and symbolizes our continued compliance to The Joint Commission’s high standards, reassuring our clients and their loved one and friends, who choose treatment with us, that they will receive the highest level of addiction treatment and care.  Stonegate center is also a proud member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the Azle Chamber of Commerce. At Stonegate Center, you’ll find a safe, modern, welcoming environment where you can focus on healing from addiction and starting your new life in recovery. We are located on a 125-acre ranch in the town of Azle, about 25 minutes from Fort Worth and an hour from Dallas. Our location is far enough away from the hustle and bustle but still close to home.

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Stonegate Center’s drug and alcohol addiction rehab facilities are located in a safe, quiet and sprawling 125-acre ranch in Azle, Texas. We proudly service the Dallas, Fort Worth and Oklahoma areas, but our reach also extends out from coast to coast. We accept all clients and insurances.

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